Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas @ Chez Adrienne!

Have a cookie.
Merry Christmas to one and all! Welcome to this virtual tour of my Korean home.

This is where the magic for this blog all happens. Yes, the atmosphere is thick with genius.

Workstation to try and hide the ugly.

Tools of the devil!

Front door, gas range, and ever-present tea kettle.

Cards for mee!!

Praise the Lord, Mickey D's delivers!

My futon, rolled up for the day, and wall of pretty boys. They're for an art project, honest!

"Wall of Pretty Boys Part Deux"

The seat of power.

Choirs of angels!

Pretty short tour, I know, but hey, it's a small apartment. The west wing is still being built. Still, it's been a good day, if for nothing else than the novelty of not being bothered on a Thursday. But alas, this day is over for me much too soon. Christ was not born in December, and this date has more to do with the pagan celebrations during Winter Solstice than anything else. Still it is a good thing to take time out to remember the birth of Christ and its significance, and the irony of his having been born with little earthly fanfare, in such a dark time, in such a dark place. I hope I'm not too blind to recognize the hand of God in my life.
On that deep note, I must bid you adieu. I've got class tomorrow.

visual confirmation!!


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