Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reunited and it Feels *so* Good!

After a long day of corrupting young minds...

In the immortal words of Sir Elton John, "the bitch is back!" Sort of. Despite the claim by some that dozens of unsecured wireless networks are floating around everywhere in Korea like the worrisome air pollution, I'm dead in the water in my apartment.

No doubt you, my multiplying fanbase, have been very sad in not recieving an update in so long. Well, this long hiatus hasn't exactly been a picnic for me either, for there's no one else in the vicinity to appreciate my subtle brand of humor.
I am teaching English (or at least trying on the illusion of doing so, at Ung Cheong elementary school, just outside of Ulsan city. The school has been around since 1922, and it's my aim to topple the pillars of history.

For most everyone else, presumably, they have just completed their second week of teaching. I just finished my first week, and reflecting upon my short time here, I am PUMPED! Certainly committed to becoming a better teacher. My kids are adorable and pretty malleable. Never in a million years will I learn hardly any of their names unless I take some drastic measures. What's with most Korean names having the same format and rhythm? Kim So-young, Park Min-su, etc. Still, the week in teaching went pretty well, as I know a lot of what to expect.

Anyway, Despite my wish to write a more detailed report, I am forced to resign, because I, my friends, am at a PC Bang. (sigh).
Until later,