Saturday, January 31, 2009

It Lives!!

Well, what I saw of this show had too much hop and not nearly enough hip.

Hi babes! I'm back after a long hiatus. How are you? Did you miss me? Have you finally come to your senses and decided to ask for my hand in marriage?!! I accept!

Well, some things have happened since you were last graced with my presence. I finished teaching (if that's what you'd like to call it) my "Winter Camp", took a rather awful trip to Seoul for mandatory, additional training, experienced lunar new year with my co-teacher and her in-laws, wasted my vacation vainly under mounds of homework, and am looking forward to what, I'm sure, is a stimulating, heartwarming, and action packed Monday back at school.

Sarcasm doesn't quite translate in print.

But I am, (this Saturday night, under a mound of seemingly endless, awful Algebraic homework) mourning the all-too-quick passage of my vacation. And what exactly have we accomplished?

Well, we have cleaned up the apartment, and bought some new work clothes, which I'm not finished with yet--cuz everyone here is so tiny. Fitting "The Ass" (TM) into this little pencil skirt just didn't work.

I *am* looking forward to seeing the kiddies, in that I have this cool craft project I want to do with them, and employing the old "board of education". I have some aggression to work through. English, shminglish. I wonder if they remember any of the things I've attempted to teach them. I myself am trying to forget!

N ext big personal events on the horizon are signing up for the Korean Language Proficiency Test, The unfortunate birthday of yours truly, and a visit to Japan, baby! There's nothing like having something to look forward to. I need help preparing for this test though; have mercy!

Hopefully this semester, I will have less students in class---students who really *want* to be there, hopefully, and not just because Mom says so. I'm trying to not stress out about it, but it can't be helped.

But boys and girls, what I *really* want is to be an organized, fun, un self-absorbed, (buahahaa), interesting individual that gets things, a lot of things done. Ah, the power to *do* is priceless. That, my friends, is a taller order than even you may realize. I have yet to accomplish this in all my 26+ years, and it ain't for lack of trying.

Anyway, I have to continue on with my busywork for a while longer before I get too sleepy. I will update again soon. I've got a lot to talk about. Who else is here to speak to?


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Anonymous said...

“…what I *really* want is to be an organized, fun, un self-absorbed, (buahahaa), interesting individual that gets things, a lot of things done.”

Hmm… I can relate to this. I have a three day weekend this weekend and I really want to do what Jacqui’s done and get ALL MY LESSON PLANS UNTIL WE LEAVE FOR ONE CLASS done. Although some of hers are in point form, she’s covered a lot of ground in the two days she’s been working on them. She’s evidently much more organised than me and I’m envious. Where DOES she get that drive from?

TOPIK. Yes. Haven’t started studying. I’ll do it later. I say we all go down to Busan together on the day so we (hopefully) don’t get lost on the way.