Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why Jeon-he Can't Read (English)

No matter where I go, they always find mee!!

Define "meaning."

Hi babes! It has been a long time. How are you? Have you been well? How's the missus? My fingernails are digging into the remainder of my precious weekend. Thursday is Christmas, but like Ebeneezer Scrooge's unfortunate employee Bob Cratchit, it appears I only have Christmas day off, and must return to work "all the earlier the next morning."

S0, little Jeon-he can't read because he can't sound out his letters. As such, I'm going to try to teach "him" phonics. We'll see how that goes. But actually I don't think Jeon-he wants to learn English, and Jeon-he is too young to know what he wants, and Jeon-he has too many classmates too. Can't do anything about it. But my first Tuesday and Thursday classes can really be abysmal though, and all we've been seemingly been able to do thus is muddle through in a vaguely academic manner. What I want for Christmas is for half those kids to drop out. They may as well be playing outside or something.

For some reason, My heart has softened towards children since I was last in Korea; for I love even my obnoxious kiddies, and have become too lazy to be angry with them, apparently.

So, things are just going along, and I am in comparatively good spirits this holiday season, even if in all likelyhood I shall be spending it alone--which actually doesn't bother me. Perhaps I'm coming one step further in my apparent goal to become a hobo/old maid/crazy person who constantly talks to herself (all of the above), but I find Iusually prefer the peace of solitude, and become all weird and unappealing when I'm around others anyway.

Sure, you love me *now*, but I am so much better in print than in person. Plus you can pay attention to this blog, or press your other tab and watch the Victoria's Secret holiday fashion show on youtube, or perhaps something more hardcore...

Whatever you like.

As much as I'd like to regail you with adventures in Busan last week, the trip itself was kind of a snore:


I mean yea, a bunch of world leaders come here...and solve nothing; but look cool while doing so. And there's a robot that takes photos and sends e-mails! Which apparently, I gave him the incorrect e-mail, because his photo of me is not in my inbox. Sorry Scott.

Here's a memorial dedicated to Korean War medics,

And we get prehistoric.

The discription of the trip said that we would be going to a "traditional market", so I was interested in that--but it turned out to just be a regular market, although one could definately argue that knockoff Louis Vitton handbags and bootleg DVD's are traditional.

One upside of that portion of the trip is that I got the last Christmas present I needed to send home, and got a code-free DVD player (two actually!). If anyone wants to buy a new, code-free DVD player, I've got the lowest prices this side of the DMZ.

Anyway, This entry must end abrputly. It's mad late, and some of us can't afford to lose their beauty sleep. See you Christmas!


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