Friday, December 25, 2009


Well, Christmas is rushing towards its end here, while those of you who live in the western hemisphere have yet to really begin your day. 

Unable to find a slick way to insert this into the conversation, I will begin with what is perhaps one of the most annoying yet catchy ads Korea has yet produced:  

You know you're in Korea when you see ads like this, but loan and insurance companies are evil everywhere!

For me, it hasn't really felt like Christmas, and today is just another day--pleasantly, a weekday off. 
Since we last "spoke" the Talk scholars have gone to Busan.  It was basically the same Busan trip as last year, but we ran late, so we were rushed from place to place.  Still, I got better pictures this year: 

Apparently, the guy in the statue is this guy's grandfather, who won some naval victory against the Japanese back in the day. 

The traditional Korean food was OK, but my legs cannot fold.  I limped away early. 

The robot that was so spry last year has been sheleved and forgotten.  That's exactly what they do to you in this world. 


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