Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jeju Self-governing Province

So here is a pictoral recap of our TaLK cultural tour to Jeju island. Yes, Jeju. The Hawaii of Korea. A favorite destination of Korean honeymooners. It's not quite so romantic in February, but what can I say? It was a free trip with free food, transportation, and lodging at a nice hotel. Yeah. It was torture.

Jeju has a distinct culture from the rest of Korea. There's a Jeju dialect and lifestyle. I heard in ages past, criminals were sent to Jeju. I can imagine life here used to be quite harsh. Nowadays, it seems the main industry is tourism.

Strangely, one of our first destinations was this sex museum called "Loveland". Haha. Korea likes to pretend they're so conservative, but really they're just as sex-crazed as the rest of us, eh?


Another, er, more culturally relevant place we visited was a traditional Jeju village with it's destinctive thatched roof houses.

Marie taking a break from her asian male fetish.

Collecting water

Traditional Jeju dinner.

Yakcheonsa Temple. Scott is amused about something.

Jeju orange grove

what a cute baby pinapple!

The promise of spring!

well darn it, I love being had.

Yeomiji botanical garden

Why you cryin'?

Music producer JYP in portrait form.

Glass Museum

Whew! The end! I can go to bed. Unfortunately, it's morning now.


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Anonymous said...

Those Loveland pics were um...interesting LOL. Took me by surprise. Overall I enjoyed this entry, you've got really awesome pics. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey with us. Makes me wanna sign up for TaLK even more.