Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ulsan World Music Festival!

I think I'll wear a mask everyday.

This weekend, I went to the Ulsan World Music Festival.  I said I would.   Did I detect a wave of collective displeasure from the head office for not attending the obligatory mask festival in Andong?   Perhaps, but I agreed to no such overnight trip, they just signed me up,  or so the cryptic phone text message said.     

Still, I'm glad I went to this instead, for I met some interesting people:  

Two eligible young bachelors if I ever saw any. 

    I also met Dan Gauthier who owns the Ulsan Sun Magazine-- a publication for foreigners in Ulsan.  For some reason I don't have a picture of him.  Will the frustrations never end?

Pour moi?  

Kickin' it old-school.  Extremely old school.  

    Most of the guys in this band were really cute--you know, if you're into that.   They played latin jazz, latin funk, and raggae.  Who knew that Ulsan would invite some soul? 

Goodnight, giant scary disembodied head! 

    Saturday night, I met Penny, a Senaglese -English girl from Bristol.  She was teaching an African dance class On Sunday.  I just watched as she tried to get Korean folks to bring the noise and the funk.  In the end, Penny and her crew were the ones who supplied it.  This is their organization, Tribe of Doris.   

How can Monday be faced?  


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Anonymous said...

"Who knew that Ulsan would invite some soul?"

Now you could have made a really bad pun and written, "who knew that Ulsan would invite some... SEOUL"

Mask looks great. Where'd you even get that from? I almost didn't recognise you in it.

Andong was better than expected, but after what TaLK did to us, I think my expectations were already rock bottom. Had fun, check out my facebook photos if you want to see what we got up to. There's a wooden penis in one of them that I'm SURE you're dying to see.

I discovered an Anime convention in Busan next next weekend (19th). It's Sunday all day. They're held more frequently than I expected: once every two months. There's the same convention held in Seoul once a month. It's called Comic World 코믹월드. Glenn and I are definitely going. If you want more info, email me and I'll send you the link to the site I got it off as a well as directions to the location and stuff like that.

I'd cosplay if I had a costume. Next time, next time...