Friday, August 15, 2008

TaLK Life Pt. 1

Wait!  You still have so much to live for!

Look, I'll show you!  

We talk scholars attend class all day almost every day.  Some of our speakers have had helpful information presented in a stimulating way.  Others, not so much.  

Still, this is an extraordinary opportunity to expand our horizons.  I wonder what sort of people we will be afterwards.  What sort of teachers.   Are we too young and immature?  Or we rise to the occasion, even greater than expected?   But I don't care much if classes here are boring or exiting.  Even now, I've received a lot more useful information than last time.   

Iro na!!

Aww, young love.  

Take it off!

Our orientation in Gyeongju, the place where we are learning to be compassionate, and  employ firm yet kind correction with our young students.  

Personally, as far as discipline goes, I prefer the good old fashioned Board of Education.    


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